Peer-Reviewed Articles

“‘Non feminas sed sorores’: Gender and the Spiritual Family in the Life of Stephen of Obazine.” (Under review)

“The Secular Family in Monastic Rules, 400-700.” Journal of Medieval Monastic Studies 8 (2019). (Forthcoming)

“The 10,000 PhDs Project at the University of Toronto: Using Employment Outcome Data to Transform Graduate Education.” Co-author with Reinhart Reithmeier; Liam O’Leary; Xiaoyue Zhu; Corey Dales; Abokor Abdulkarim; Anum Aquil; Samantha Chang; Wenyangzi Shi; Nancy Vu; Chang Zou. PLOS One 14, 1 (2019): e0209898.

Book chapters

“De Vita Lochinis, Or a Commentary on a Life of Reading,” in How We Read: Tales, Fury, Nothing, Sound,ed. by Suzanne Akbari and Kaitlin Heller. Goleta, CA: punctum books, 2019. (Forthcoming)


Lucie Laumonier, Solitude et solidarités en ville : Montpellier, mi XIIIe-fin XVe siècles (Turnhout : Brepols, 2015). In Memini: Travaux et documents (No. 21).

Chris Sparks, Heresy, Inquisition and Life Cycle in Medieval Languedoc (York: York Medieval Press in association with the Boydell Press, 2014). In Confraternitas (Vol. 25, No. 2).

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